Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My fit with ergonomics and knitting is the fit of the knitting needle and the manipulation of the wool in my hands. Even though on cold days I find manipulating the wool in my fingers a little difficult, but once warmed up they are under way in a will of their own.

The Greek word 'ergos'  and 'nomos' means laws of works (2010). My knitting is done while sitting in one of my best places of relaxation - in my lounge or outside sitting in a warm spot taking a break. Caulton & Dickson (2007) state "to constantly make slight invisible adjustment to an activity to adapt to the needs of those taking part and ensure that it continues to work for its intended purpose". Once seated in one of the comfy chairs, I can watch television and see what other family members are doing in our home - generally the coming and goings. The knitting carries on without concentration. In my subconscious I know that at some stage I have to measure the article.
When my grandchildren are visiting they delight in sitting watching the knitting grow. Or some days my eight year grand daughter will pick up a once long ago article of trial and remember the skills taught, placing the needles to fit her small arms and arrange the wool over the fingers. Occasionally the cat will try and share the space and catch the wool when it passes over her body or face. She grabs quite efficiently and pulls the threads with her teeth and covers the wool in cat saliva.

woman in rocking chair knitting with cat
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